Fordged Hoe & Pick Axe

  • Pick Axe

    Pick Axe

    The Pick Axe, used in landscaping. The pickaxe nowadays typically has two ends. The pointed end is used for rocky or concrete surfaces. The second end is flat and mainly used for prying. With such a heavy head and a small contact point at the tip of the head, the tool becomes a very effective tool for hardened, rocky, and concrete surfaces.

  • Fordged Hoe & Pickaxe

    Fordged Hoe & Pickaxe

    Hoe is a gardening tool with a thin metal blade that is often used to break up dirt. Hoe, one of the oldest tools of agriculture, a digging implement consisting of a blade set at right angles to a long handle. The blade of the modern hoe is metal and the handle of wood. Gemlight Planting Hoe has also been a very effective tool in agricultural and garden workings all over the country.